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Welcome 2021

After a long winter rest, spring is coming. Our daylight is lengthening by about two minutes every day now. The world is preparing to wake. We are too.

Looking back at 2020, we harvested 6,836 pounds! That is remarkable in a year where we were all challenged by COVID. Even more remarkable, this total is 400 pounds more than we harvested the previous year. God is good.

Now, we look forward to 2021. Please mark your calendar for these dates:

Feb. 20, 2021: Garden Preparation

We will get ready for the season. This includes cleaning up beds, moving irrigation lines to prepare for tilling, covering garden paths with wood chips and organizing the garden shed.

Do not worry about prior experience! If you want to meet great people and be part of a fun group who just loves to garden and have fun together, this is the place for you.

Please stop by to help and meet up with old friends or make some new friends. You will be welcomed!

Feb. 27, 2021: Community Seed Exchange

This is a first for us. We have a larger supply of seeds than the garden can use and we would like to share the seeds with other area gardeners. While this is primarily a seed giveaway, if you have any unusual seeds you might like to share, we invite you to bring them along. We would love to hear your stories about your seeds.

Quantities of our seeds are limited and the seeds will be given as first come, first served between 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. We hope to see you at the garden!

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