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Mission Statement:


Connecting people to their neighbors, the land, and GOD by using sustainable agriculture to provide fresh, local food for the hungry.  Come be a part of this great opportunity and mission in our community.



The Community Connections Garden was established in 2013. 


A gift to the community started by Wake Forest Baptist Church with a goal to bring people together and to provide fresh, healthy food to those in need.

Since inception, we have had a bountiful harvest.  Upwards of 30,000 pounds of produce has been harvested and given to local food ministries such as the Interfaith Food Shuttle,

A Blessing, Inc. Soup Kitchen in Bunn, and Tri-Area Ministry Food Pantry.

Most of our produce gets donated but as a garden member, and after 10 hours of service, you are welcome to share in the harvest for your own family.




Supporting Partners: 


  -  Wake Forest Baptist Church

  -  SowTrueSeeds

  -  Louisburg Tractor






                     Harvest, lbs.

2023                8,714 lbs.

2013 - 2022:    53,919 lbs.




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